In the Atlantic

First day in the Atlantic. Rough seas woke us in the middle of the night. The sea is rolling and the wind is about 30 mph. The pools have been drained and I’m sure there are a few seasick people. We are okay, but prefer it to be a little smoother!
Yesterday, on Gran Canaria, which is one of the Canary Islands, we docked at Las Palmas. With 2 other CC’ers, Jim and Susie (from NE Alabama), we hired a taxi cab driver, Juan for 5 hours for 25 E each. He gave us a great tour, in Spanish; I understood enough to get by. I had to ask him several times to talk more slowly, “mas despacio, por favor.” The Canary Islands (Las Canarias) are governed by Spain, but off the coast of Africa, Western Sahara. We had expected a dry, desert terrain and there was some of that; but also beautiful beaches and mountains (1800-2000 ft.). We have some great photos, but unfortunately, I probably won’t post them until we get to Freeport, Nov. 9. I purchased an internet package of 240 minutes and have used half of the minutes, since it is so slow. I do have my cell phone and can received texts while at sea, 714-292-1726. Wish us flat/glassy seas!


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