Our TA cruise

From Freeport Harbor, Grand Bahama. I haven’t been able to get on the web page since 11/3. Funny to read that post regarding rough seas. That was nothing. The ocean really got to rocking and rolling 11/6-8; when we encountered Tropical storm Sean! Whoa!! On deck 9, forward, where our cabin is, we were swaying side to side and it felt like we were bumping into whales or sea monsters. Also, the whole ship would vibrate; almost like the stabilizers were fighting for control. Winds were steady at 50 mph with gusts as high as 70 (according to the ship info on channel 3). They had to postpone a couple of shows with the dancers or other moving props. Normally, cruise ships go around storms, but we had no where to go and had to get to Freeport for repair of a side thruster. I was happy to see the land, yesterday morning.

Despite all of that, we have had a good time. The time went quickly and we had fun with our new and old friends. I got involved in arts and crafts some and Jim did a little video poker. We both took the free buy in (Platinum perk) to the Black Tournament and made it to the finals. Then, would you believe it, we came in 1st and 2nd. I beat out Jim by one poker chip!! I was also the only female in the finals. The prize was a “gold-plated ship on a stick” AND $500.00 Whoopee!!

It rained yesterday and I didn’t take my netbook with me to the market and beach; so doing wifi today at the port shops. Besides this post, I am going to do a slideshow (if allowed by connection) of photos since Mallorca. Really enjoyed all of our ports of call and the ship is beautiful. We are supposed to be in Galveston on the 13th. I’ll use up my minutes on the ship between here and TX and then do catch up when back in the USA. We wish you calm seas!


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