Photos from TA Cruise


9 responses to “Photos from TA Cruise

  1. Nice trip if only it had started later would have been good for us.Doug

  2. Yahoo! $500.00 Black Jack Tournament. My John would have been so proud of you. The description of the Hurrican made me turn blue….I would have been sooo sick. Glad you weathered the storm. Everything here is fine. I am walking so well and not needing a walker or cane. I ventured out yesterday and did some Costco shopping and got myself and Cisco Kid groomed….long overdue. Thanks for the updates, I always love them.

    • Glad to hear that you are walking so well. Didn’t hear of any seasickness, surprising. It just kept me awake and made me a little anxious when such a big ship “shutters.” Great trip thought. Look forward to being home this Thursday. Take care and thanks.

  3. Aloha J&C, Wow! Sorry you had such a rough crossing!!! So glad you hung in there and have made it to the Bahamas. Your photos are fantastic and the ports look really interesting. Hope the next few days at sea are better:) Hugs, Kelley

    • Yes, the ocean was a lot rougher than we expected and the ship had more motions than we have experienced before. Good to be on dry land; surprisingly, we haven’t had a problem with getting our “land legs.” Thanks for your comment, love, Cheryl

  4. Thought I would find you two in a distillary ha ha ha. The rest of the pics are great but sorry about all the rough seas you had to endure, love yas

  5. Hello Jim and Cheryl,

    I haven’t been to you travel sites this year. Did so today and certainly enjoyed your trips. It was great fun as ti appeared it was you. I will keep up better from now on.

    Love to you both,


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