Our neighbors and good friends lost their young male Siamese cat and decided to get a new one. We talked them into looking for a Russian Blue and even contributed to the cause. They were lucky enough, the very next day at Animal Rescue, to find a 2 month old female one. We also helped with the naming; so now are godparents to little Tasha. We loved the Russian Blue male that we had while our daughter was young; she named him Winky. He was the best pet, ever. We are looking forward to spending time with Tasha and watching her grow.

We’re getting ready for our trip back to Nebraska; leaving on the 16th. Looking forward to seeing the family, but not to the weather. They’ve already had snow. We are having winter weather also; cold today (high in the 50’s) and may rain tomorrow.


2 responses to “Tasha

  1. Oh no! Was it Shaka who was lost? Tasha is so beautiful and that was fantastic that you helped them get her. You are such to friends to all:)

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