Over the River and through the woods…..

We’re on the road back to Nebraska to see grandkids and daughter. Our usual route through northern AZ and NM and then northeast though panhandle of TX and OK is having really bad weather. Blizzards in some areas. Luckily we watched the weather channel on TV and used internet to plan a different route.
We went north from Laughlin, NV to Las Vegas and then northeast into Utah; tonight in Richfield, UT. We will be staying on I-70 into Colorado.

Driving through Western CO

Actually going through areas that usually have worse weather, like 10,600 ft. Vail pass. Supposed to be clear on Wednesday.

Not sunny, but passable road through CO mountains

The weather sure has been odd this year! We’ll then go northeast from Denver into Nebraska. I-80 from Western NE to Lincoln, looks clear. Hope so, want to be in Adams by Friday.
In Ogallala, NE tonight, Wednesday, 12/21. It is snowing, but not supposed to be more than 2 inches.
Our best to those with bad weather!


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