Welcome to 2012

We are home, since Wed. 1/4/12. Jim is recuperating from sinus infection with cough and taking antibiotics. He had a scary experience today; hard to explain, but while on the freeway, the passenger side window imploded. Really loud sound and don’t know what hit it; gunshot or rock or what? Shatter proof glass all over. Reported with the CHP, and Insurance; will be replaced tomorrow. Really traumatic! I was at home with sick friend. If I had been with him, it might have been worse. He was not harmed, luckily and maintained control of the van. Wow! Will never know what happened. Shit happens!


2 responses to “Welcome to 2012

  1. seems lucky you were not there Cheryl as you would have been right beside the problem whatever it was we will be in San Diego April 13 and fkying out on the 14th hope you are around and available

    • Thanks, yes, makes you a little skittish about freeway travel, glass company tech said it could just be a rock hit by another car! So, you are only staying one night? Hope we can see you. Will keep in touch. Still working on our plans. Take care, Cheryl

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