Spirit Cruise completed

We returned yesterday from our 8 day Mexican Riviera Spirit Cruise. It started out a little rough for me, Cheryl. Within 2 hours of getting on the ship and eating lunch, I became ill. By 4:30, I was in the Medical Center getting a shot to stop the vomiting and taking immodium for the other end. My temp was 94.5, so no fever. For the next 18 hours, I slept and drank water. I wasn’t free of symptoms until Tuesday morning (60+ hours), but then was really weak with not much appetite. I was able to partake of the Lobster dinner, that night, however. I did not have the Norovirus; it seemed more like a food reaction. As far as we know, no one else on the ship was sick in the same way.
Well, the other 3 were able to enjoy Cabo San Lucas, and I went ashore in Puerta Vallarta and Manzanillo. The Spirit is a great ship and we had a balcony cabin, so my quarantine time wasn’t all bad (room service for 2 days).
We are going on this same ship from Honolulu, HI to Sydney, Australia later in the year. I will not let this one bad experience cloud my anticipation of this trip.
I’m attaching a few pix of our trip. As usual, we enjoyed the piano bar with Keith as the entertainer. We also had a great waitress, Elena from Macedonia.


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