First Days in Guatemala

We arrived in Guatemala on Saturday, March 17. Flew into Guatemala City and then shuttle to Antigua which took almost as long (2.5 hours). Very crowded in Antigua due to a Lent ceremony with many people in the streets and some closed. It was centered around children, many of who were in purple robes. We were walking against the flood of people, so pretty hard to make way. JoAnn, Jim’s sister was surrounded by 3 women 2 or 3 times and she had to push one of them. Later she found that her bag had been slit and her Kindle taken. Nothing could be done about it. Just have to be careful in crowds! The city is very historical and fun to walk around, if you can avoid the crowds and thieves!
Yesterday, we took a tour that included a market town, Chichicastenango and the crater lake town of Panajachel (we will be staying there next week). Chichi was quite crowded, also and our guide told us to not have any valuables on or in pockets. All went okay.
JoAnn is taking Spanish lesson every morning. I considered going for a couple of days, but decided not to. We walked around and checked out the different restaurants; there are many good ones. We have a community kitchen at our hotel and we had a light supper there, last night since we didn’t get back until 7 p.m.
We are also looking into other tours to neighboring villages and places to do a little shopping. Our friend, Carol is into sewing big time and she is looking for some of the native materials. Well, I am on wifi in the room and not sure how long it will last at this good level, so will close and write more later. Hope the pictures upload!


One response to “First Days in Guatemala

  1. travelling again isn’t it neat can’t wait to see you guys in April

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