Second Posting from Guatemala

     Since our Sunday trip, we have been mostly getting to know the city of Antigua.  The weather has been variable with clouds, sun, cool, warm and rain on Tuesday.  Nothing too hard to handle.  There are many old buildings, mainly churches/cathedrals here. Image Some have been rehabilitated and others are in ruins.  One ruin is just 1/2 block from us, San Augustin, from 1500’s, destroyed by earthquake and volcano.  Image

     We have sampled several restaurants/cafes and found most very good.  Tuesday night we went to a lecture a the Rainbow Cafe by Sue Patterson, founder of WINGS, a charity to promote healthy family planning, and former US Foreign Service Officer.  She was very informative, but a bit depressing about the conditions in this country. Image Yesterday we took a shuttle from the 5 star, beautiful Casa Santa Domingo, up the hill to El Tenedor.  Very luch gardens and outside museum of art.  We ate in the restaurant overlooking the city and the volcano.  Very enjoyable.  Pues, hasta luego.


One response to “Second Posting from Guatemala

  1. Great pics so far loved them all and it looks like you guys are having a good time. Too bad about JoAnn’s Kindal but thats what happens in crowds. Miss you all. Us at home

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