Last 24 Hours in Antigua

We tried to pack as much into the last part of our stay in Antigua as possible. JoAnn left on Friday am, but the day before we had a fun lunch with a Jirafe (giraffe) of beer and fajitas mixta for 5. The next day with Paul and Carol we took a HOHO tour of the city. Our guide was Juan and he actually got off with us at each stop and gave us more information such as regarding the carpet being made of colored sawdust and stencils. This one was being made inside the largest cathedral, San Francisco. However for Holy Week, starting today, Palm Sunday, they will create these on the streets of the city. This is done prior to the processions coming down the street with many people carrying statues of Christ. There were 11 named stops, but Juan pointed out much more. The best was Mirador del cerro de la cruz (Viewpoint from the hill of the cross). The view of the city and the volcanoes was good, but hazy, that day. Juan offered to give us a private drive back there the next morning when the air is clearer. We paid him $10 for this (plus a tip) and it was definitely worth it!!
I’ve also included other pictures of our daily schedule: The Bagel Cafe which was the only one open for coffee at 6 a.m.; the beautiful Pink Trumpet tree, the sitting area in our hotel; very crowded “chicken bus”; and the ruins of St. Augustin church which was a half block from us. On Saturday, the day we left for Panajachel, there was a lot of acitivity in the city. All the presidents of Central American countries were coming for a one day summit on crime and drug trafficing. The Parque Central was swarming with police and military. We were uneasy aiming our camera at them, but did see more on other streets. High Security!!
Now we are in “Pana” and it is totally different, more of a tourist/beach type town, on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Already have many pictures here; so luego.


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