Panajachel, Quatemala

     We arrived in “Pana” on Saturday, 3/24 and checked into our hotel, Posada (Inn) de los Volcanes (of the volcanos).  We have a very nice room with a small garden just outside our door, free wifi and a courtyard/patio off the street for cocktail hour.  Every afternoon it has clouded over and sometimes rains, but the first day the wind was very strong and we saw a rainbow.Image

     The street, Santander, is very busy and there are many shops and street vendors, some of which are very stubborn!!  We have tried many ways to say no thanks, the last is Dejenos solos (leave us alone!) por favor (please).ImageImage

     We met a lady from Ontario, Canada, that first day also.  She was here promoting the use of worms for composting; her business at home.  She, Cathy, was fun to talk with and joined us for dinner (and breakfast the next day) at the Circus Restaurant.  The food was very good and they had music:  first a pianist and then a 4 person band.ImageImage

     The town of “Pana” is on the beautiful crater lake of Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes.  We have spent some time walking along the shore and yesterday took a boat trip (I will post these blog and pix separately).The flowering trees are beautiful, including this lavender bougainvillea.


     We have found some great places to eat, including this garden cafe, El Bistro.  More posts to come!



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