La Reserva Natural

     Paul, Carol and I visited the Nature Preserve just outside of Panajachel, yesterday.  (Jim was a little indisposed, but okay today.)  We rode in a Tuk Tuk and there was plenty of room for 3; however the motorcycle motor had difficulty on the hills.  On the last one, on a curve, we had to get out and walk for about 25 feet.  Then the side road was downhill, so able to ride again.  

     It was about $7 USD entrance fee for the nature trails and a butterfly garden.  The jungle foliage was lush and there were several swinging bridges, some very long.  We also saw waterfalls and cascades and many birds; but no monkeys.  The butterfly enclosure had many butterflies, most were of the same variety; black with dots of color, not sure of the name.  I took many photos, but since they were constantly moving, only a few were good.  


2 responses to “La Reserva Natural

  1. I can relate to not getting decent butterfly pics. I did the same thing in Costa Rica trying to get a picture of a blue butterfly. I was determined to win but it didn’t happen! Enjoying your posts and pics.

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