More flowers in CA

Even though we are through with the rain, until fall, we still have a lot of plants blooming. Our neighbor has a beautiful red trumpet vine that is on the fence that we share. It has many more blossoms, this year. Two of our “stone crop” succulent plants sprouted a “panicle” of white florets; awesome to see, but not easy to photograph since the plant is light green and the buds and panicle are pale green. I took a picture of one with the purple hyacinth bean vine as the backdrop. Many roses still blooming; this one is from cousin Dale/Diana’s yard; it belonged to Aunt Winnie. All is well here at home, but having a bit of hot weather; supposed to be cooler for Memorial Day weekend. Happy holiday to all.


2 responses to “More flowers in CA

  1. I’ll trade your hot weather for our hot weather! Up to 90 each day and getting hotter and more humid! Thanks for sharing the plant pics.

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