Still in So CA

Been home in So CA for a few weeks.  We leave on Monday for a long road trip to IN, OH, and on to NE.  Looking forward to seeing Cheryl’s brothers and family and old and new friends.  In NE, we will celebrate the  4th of July weekend with Jina and family.  Afterwards, the two granddaughters will go with us through Colorado and other states back to our home in CA.   Looking forward to all of this, but a lot of driving; hope the 2005 van holds out for 6000 miles! 

We just played in the first tennis tournament in probably 15 years.  Cheryl had 44 hard fought games with many deuces and long rallies.  Fun, but ache in many places.  Didn’t win, but did  well, with my wonderful partner, Tatjana.  Don’t plan to do it again any time soon!  Jim and Russell had fun, but played fewer games.  We love tennis, but usually only play about 1.5 hours every 2 or 3 days.  A bit more strenuous!!



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