Trip from CA to IN

 We left So CA on Monday morning and have been traveling toward Newburgh, IN.  We haven’t driven many miles, most days and enjoy making stops along the way.  Friday, we enjoyed the rolling foothills of the Ozarks in southern Missouri on US 60, a new road for us.  When we got to Van Buren, we saw signs for Big Spring Creek and crossed the Current River which is very picturesque.  So we ate lunch at the Float Stream Cafe and took a side road to Big Springs National Scenic Riverway.  It was well worth the trip, the extra time and gas.  (Gas in Sikeston, MO was only $3.099/g.)  We also took a side road to Cairo (pronounced Karo), IL.  The views of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers were fantastic.  However, it was sad to see how abandoned, dilapidated and derilect the town looks.  Some great old buildings and homes are really in total disrepair.  It is on a peninsula between the two very large rivers and has been flooded many times.  Also, river transportation is not as lucrative as in it’s heyday.
    That night we stayed in Paducah, KY, on the Ohio River.  The downtown had some nice old areas and great murals on the river wall.  We were told that the river flooded over this wall last year.  Also took a drive acroos the Ohio River toward Brookport, IL over a very long blue painted iron bridge (about 1 mile at this point).  We have seen the two rivers many times before, but this is the point where they join and it is very impressive.  The weather has been good, but rain and more predicted.  The next week or so, we will be with family and friends.  
     I am posting this on Sunday, Father’s Day, we are with my brother Ben, neice Marie, her mother Angie (staying at her house which is large and very nice) and her twins Isaac and Claire.  It has been 5 years since we have seen them and it is great to all be together.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and enjoy your day.


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