Further Travels with Family and Friends

     On Monday, we drove the short distance to Indianapolis, IN.  Because of a glitch with our GPS (didn’t know the new interchange), we ended up downtown.  It turned out okay, because, I, Cheryl was driving and I had some nostalgia about driving up Meridian past landmarks and my old high school, Shortridge.  Then over to Butler University area and past our house on Buckingham.  Much looks the same, but the trees have really gotten big in the last 20-25 years!! 

     We stayed two nights with Sarah (high school friend) and Martyn in the Broad Ripple area on Ralston off Kessler. We had visited with them before, about 6 years ago. They have a lovely home and a big garden!  Monday night we met up with Kitsy (also hs) and husband Jay at Abuelo’s Mexican.  It was quite good for Indiana!  Fantastic to see all of them.  Tuesday, Sarah was our guide for a walk in Eagle Creek Park; really a lovely big city park. Both she and Martyn are big-time bird watchers (how they met); she pointed out the Cedar Waxwings.

     Then Tuesday night we visited with brother John and wife Donna in their apartment near 86th and Michigan.  We hadn’t seen them in 6 years (or more?).  Time gets away from us.  Our USA travels have taken us to Nebraska for daughter and grandkids, Texas, for Jim’s sister and Florida for family there and to start cruises.  Indiana has not been on any of these routes.  Ben, my other brother and his daughter, Marie came down to Florida in Jan. 2009, so we had seen them more recently.  Good to keep in contact with siblings, but sometimes hard.

     Currently, we are in Johnstown, OH, near Columbus with Jim and Diane.  They have a house in the country on one acre of land. We got to know them from Cruisecritic.com and have been on 2 big cruises with them:  Hawaii on the Spirit and the Transatlantic on the Magic.  Jim is a retired band director and played trumpet in the military, so he and my Jim have a lot in common.  Diane and I have a lot of fun together and we all play Euchre.  We had some rousing games last night and today ate lunch in German Town, Columbus, OH at Schmidts.  Yum!  Tonight is Te-pan Japanese.  Did do a little walking, but it is very hot and humid, so uncomfortable. 

     Tomorrow we are headed to Monroe, MI, north of Toledo to meet up with Doug and Dianne, our Canadian friends who joined us in Argentina.  I’ll post more later and maybe some pictures.  Happy Trails.

Updating on Monday, June 25. The visit with Doug and Dianne in Monroe included finding a seafood restaurant near Lake Erie and enjoying Lake Erie Yellow Perch and Walleyed Pike. Only together one afternoon/night and breakfast the next day, but had lots of conversation and talking about our next time together, maybe cruise from California to South America.
Then we spent 2 days with Linda and Ron in Granger, IN, near South Bend. Linda and Cheryl went to Hanover College together and lived in South Bend in 1975. Linda was our maid of honor in our 1976 wedding. We hadn’t seen each other in several years and had not been to the South Bend area in over 20 years. She is a librarian at Notre Dame, so had a tour of the campus and inside the library; Very impressive. Ron is a veterinarian and gave us a tour of the pet hospital which he had a major hand in designing: Magrane Pet Medical Center in Mishawaka. Fantastic. Now we are on our own for a few days, headed south and west. Next visit will be with Jina and family.


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