One week until departure

Next Tuesday, we will be leaving home on the first leg of our 6.5 week adventure. The first night we will stay near LAX in order to be close by for the morning flight to HI. We’ll be on Maui for 11 days and then catch the Carnival Spirit on Sept. 30 for the Transpacific cruise to Sydney, Australia. We have already started to pack; which is unusual for me. My M.O. is to just make a list and pack 1-3 days ahead. But this time we are really cramped for luggage space and have to plan for different weather (hot in Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands and perhaps snow in Tasmania, Australia) and all the way from beach wear and very casual to fancy dress up on the cruise. I’m trying to do what some very savvy travelers have told us; pack things that you can throw (or give) away. That’s hard for me, as our daughter will confirm, I have some clothes that are 20+ years old. Maybe we’ll see some new things in our next travel photos!

So…. we have a few days left, here in So CA and lots to do. Jim developed a very painful elbow from tennis on Friday. It’s on the inside, so called “golfers’ elbow”, not “tennis elbow.” It is responding to ice, ibuprofen, arnica gel and rest. He was actually able to shave yesterday! Hopefully, with no tennis or hedge trimming, he’ll be ok for travel next week. We are getting our flu shots tomorrow, better safe than sorry. Our best to all. My next post may be from Hawaii!! Aloha.

P.S. Our best to all who had close ones killed or injured 11 years ago, 9/11/01. We all will never forget.


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