Exploring Maui

Now in our third day at our timeshare condo in Ka’anapali, West Maui, north of Lahaina. Curt and Lana arrived on Sunday and we rented a minivan (after Dan and Kelley gave us a ride to the airport). We didn’t get our corner oceanfront suite as requested, but do have oceanfront and it is very nice. We’ve been enjoying the pool, jacuzzi, and happy hour.

Yesterday, we drove north to the Blowhole and then around the top of Maui (the lady’s head). Ten miles of this road was one lane with many curves. Jim, again, proved how good he is at driving. Some beautiful views and the “swell” is in so the “surf is up.” We found a pretty view spot for our picnic lunch and didn’t get back until around 6 p.m.

Today, we made the long trip to Haleakala National Park. The summit is 10,000 feet and the road, again has a lot of curves and switchbacks. We went early in order to miss most of the clouds that come in at mid-day. Also, we were able to see many silver swords, a plant that only grows above 8000 foot on this mountain. The only ones blooming (they die after this) were past their peak; but all still beautiful. Also saw a juvenile nene (hawaiian goose) up close. All agreed that the long trip was worth it. We hadn’t been up there for about 30 years!

Our days are pretty much scheduled now with Kobe steak house dinner, Luau, and a sunset cruise. Too many activities to choose from. I’ll post more, later in the week. We have wired internet in our condo, which is a big improvement from last time.


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