From the Cruise Ship

We are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the Carnival Spirit.  Our flight from Maui to Honolulu on Sunday went well and no problem with taxi to the cruise ship.  The embarkation process was a bit difficult, however.  We had to stand in 4 different long lines, including one just to give our luggage to the porters.  Jim’s foot was really hurting; he used his cane and it got us through a little quicker.  Even so, we were on the ship and at lunch about 1 pm.  Our luggage came at 3:30 and the platypus bags came through just fine (1 liter of alcohol each).  (We heard later from another So CA couple that she tried to bring booze through security on her person; she was patted down.  They found her “rack” – a plastic pad in bra; but not all the foil packets taped around her middle!!)

Anyway, our vista- aft wrap suite is nice; the balcony is quite large, but the suite is not as big as expected.  It’ll do.  We are having fun with the Cruise Critic group: informal and formal Meet ‘n Greets, Left-Right-Center game, slot pull and poker crawl to come.  One couple (the “rack” lady and hubby) had a cocktail party for their 1st anniversary,  They are also in a vista suite, just above us; their suite is designed totally different with more usable space, but our balcony is deeper.  
We are going to have 5 full days at sea between Honolulu and Papeete, Tahiti (Saturday).  We have seen no vessels, land or water animals.  Some people have seen a few sea birds.  The ride has been pretty smooth, but the wind is up today, about 30 mph.  We will be crossing the Equator tonight, they haven’t told exactly, but the party starts at 9 pm.  There are more children on board, than expected; mostly Aussie, because some of the schools have a term break about now.  Also a few adults younger than 50 yrs; they’ve been seeking each other out.

I probably won’t be able to post pictures from the ship’s wifi; not sure about while in ports.  I’ve purchased a package of minutes, but not everything words properly or very quickly.  I’ll try to catch up in Australia.  More later, Cheryl



2 responses to “From the Cruise Ship

  1. Enjoying your posts. Wish we were traveling to Australia too! My father recently passed away after a year-long illness. Now we need to be around for my mom. Hope to take an extended trip nest year after Larry retires.

    • So sorry to hear about your father, and that I am so late in replying. Hope your mom is doing alright. When is Larry retiring, exactly and what are your plans for the big trip?

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