Between Tahiti and Fiji

Back at sea after 3 days in beautiful Tahiti. We were most impressed by the island of Moorea (with Bali Hai mountain) and the waters around Bora Bora (swam in the Lagoon water off Matira Beach). Since we have such a fantastic view from our suite, we spent a lot of time there and on our large balcony enjoying the scenery. We can even see a portion of it from our bed!! Best cabin, ever. Yesterday, we also saw humpback whales and pilot (?) whales. Tahiti has really high prices, beer cost more than on the ship! Have to get used to these high prices, since Australia is said to be 2 to 3 times more than USA. It’s recommended that we eat and drink in the “clubs.”

We will be 3 days at sea (this is after losing Wednesday to the International Date Line), to get to Suva, Fiji. The prices are supposed to be a little lower. However, anywhere a cruise ship goes, the prices are bumped up. We have never been to any of these South Pacific Islands, or to this part of the Southern Hemisphere. Really enjoying the voyage; seas have not been too rough. We feel a little more of the “motion of the ocean” since we have an aft cabin. Acutally helps us sleep (but not to type!).

I am going to try to post pictures. The internet is slow and irratic; but able to post on FB, yesterday. Have a good day!


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