Entrance into Sydney

Fantastic entrance yesterday with almost all of the 2000+ passengers on the upper decks to see Sydney and wave to all the onlookers. Great Fun! There were 2 helicopters taking pictures of all of us, one for Carnival and another for local news. Also, many onlookers from shore. We all waved Aussie flags. This all happened between 8 and 9 am. We didn’t leave the ship until 10:45, so a more leisurely morning than normal for the last day.


2 responses to “Entrance into Sydney

  1. Janine O'Callaghan

    Hi Cheryl & Jim, enjoying reading your blog and loving the memories it brings back. I just have to make one little amendment here though, we were all waving AUSSIE flags, I still have mine on the window sill in my kitchen. It was such an experience sailing into one of the world’s most beautiful harbours on that incredible ship, one that I’ll remember forever!!
    Take care JaM xoxox

  2. Of, course, you are so right. Must have been a Senior moment. I still have ours also. I have made the correction.
    Thanks for your help and your comments. Cheryl

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