Sydney, Australia

We’ve been in Sydney for 1.5 days and have seen quite a bit of the city. It is really beautiful and many friendly people. We even ran into a family from Western Australia (one of their states) who is going on the Spirit this Saturday, it’s maiden voyage in this area and their first cruise. They were excited to hear about it and the 16 year old plans to go on the Green Thunder slide many times.
Yesterday, we left the ship around 10:45 and checked into our hotel, an Econolodge ($115/night vs. $60 at home). It is a good location and clean and nice, but basic. Since there is no TV reception, they gave us free internet (normally $12 for 24 hours).
We had eaten twice on the ship, so just needed a light late lunch. Luckily we found a Hungry Jacks (owned by Burger King) and shared a burger and ice cream Sundae for $3!!! That will be the cheapest meal while we are here and really surprised us.
Last night we met up with about 15 other CC’rs (Cruise Critic) at the King Street Brewhouse on Darling Harbor. Marty and Janine (who live in Sydney) set it up and the rest of us were from USA or Canada and just here for a few days. It was a fun get together to say farewell and hope to see you again.
Today, we toured on our own using the free Shuttle Bus (No. 555) which covers quite a bit of the central part of the city; and the Manly Ferry. We saw the Spirit again from the shore (Circular Quay) and the ferry ship, more photos. Enjoyed Manly; although too cool/windy for any beach time. Also visited “The Rocks”, Central Train Station and views of many city parks. Jim was able to walk more today, so that helped for us to see more.
We feel that we got a good quick view of the city and it would be fun to spend more time here. However, it is too far away and we have to leave tomorrow. We look forward to the next 2 weeks in Australia. Good Day.


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