More from Tasmania

It’s down to our last 2 days in Tasmania. We left Hobart on Saturday and toured the East Coast. Beautiful scenery and more wildlife. After experiencing the first Caravan Park cabin in Triabunna, we decided to look for other ones: St. Helens and Launcheston area. They were even better prices and nicer layout. We were unable to be in the right place for the Fairy Penquins, so don’t know if we will see them. Also, still waiting to see a Tasmania Devil and wombat. We did see another Kangaroo hop across the road and some great birds: black, yellowtail cockatoos and Kookaburra. Also drove to see the sunset on the orange lichen in Bay of Fires, in Binalong Bay.
There sure are a lot of sheep in Australia and many lambs. We’ve seen them in colors from white to brown and the lambs range from newborn to 1/2 size of adult. They are shy, so haven’t gotten a good picture yet, up close. Jim has been enjoying the chance to cook again in the cabins; but we haven’t cooked lamb. Even though we have a frig w/ freezer, of sorts; we haven’t always had ice. Two nights, we have managed to have cocktails with cold water only. Oh, well, it wasn’t too bad.
Tonight, just before sunset, we had a visit by several black, yellow-tailed cockatoos. They were huge and just outside our cabin. At one time we counted 6 in one small tree. After a short social time, they went somewhere else to sleep.
Today, Tuesday, in Australia, we headed back toward Hobart, and enjoyed the Heritage Highway with stops in historical towns. Lastly, we stopped at a Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoyed close experiences with wombat, tasmanian devil, koala and feeding and scratching the kangaroos. Tonight we are staying in another caravan cabin. They are quite roomy with kitchen and separate bedroom; wish they had them in USA for travel with grandkids. Happy Halloween!


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