Home in So CA

We’ve been home since Sunday, the 4th. Nice to be home! Catching up on mail, gardening, friends, etc. It turned cool a couple of days ago and we have had some rain, so winter is coming. Since I am still congested and have a cough, we made chicken soup yesterday. I really think it has helped. No travel plans until December, so taking it easy. I’m sure Jim will think of some reason to go somewhere. We are planning to host Thanksgiving again this year, for all friends who don’t have family near by. That was fun, last year. Our best to all.


5 responses to “Home in So CA

  1. I hope you are feeling better. What a marvelous travel experience you have had this time! Our crowd is traveling to Opryland Hotel for Thanksgiving this year. DId so enjoy the last Tennessee trip. You two wouldn’t want to fly to Nashville for T-day would you? The lights will be up at Opryland.
    Love to you all.

  2. Janine O'Callaghan

    This is a brilliant site, Cheryl and Jim. I’m going to look into it for our future travels as the one we are using is so slow and unreliable. Thanks for sharing, what a great way to keep in touch. I do miss our Carnival Spirit days, and wish them back at least four five days a week!! Cheers, Janine xo

  3. Angie, thanks, we are totally healed, sorry to respond so slowly, Hope Thanksgiving in Nashville was great!

  4. Janine, yes, this web page has been great. It’s not too difficult, just takes a little practice on certain aspects. Great meeting you 2 and let us know when you head toward California!

    • Just thinking of good times past. Listened to Tennessee Christmas on the road. Your dad was a special man.

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