Christmas time is coming

Well, all the Christmas cards are sent or delivered, gifts are purchased and we are starting to pack for our trip; flying from LAX to St. Louis on Sunday. It really feels like winter, cold and wet. It might freeze tonight and/or tomorrow night. We’ve had about 1.5 inches of rain in the last few days. Unfortunately, we switched propane companies this fall (used for heat and cooking) and they have not been reliable. I called to set up delivery for yesterday, last Wednesday. They still haven’t been here and the tank is dangerously low. Using an electric heater and the micro or toaster oven to cook. Their price is better, but only if you get it! We’ll see; bundling up tonight.
We decided to put up outside lights this year, got us in the spirit. We don’t do a tree, since always away with the family.
As well said by so many, our hearts are broken by what happened in Connecticut. We hope that the people of Newtown, along with help from others, continue to support each other during this holiday season. Our best wishes to everyone. Cheryl and Jim


3 responses to “Christmas time is coming

  1. Bob & Doris Craig

    So interesting to see a wee peek of what you have been visiting! Missed seeing any pics of Jena?? Enjoy your wanderings & swims…… just think of us now & then 😉 Jim, I’m so glad you have a wonderful wife to share with U
    Know we love you & care about you both. Bob & Doris

  2. Bob & Doris Craig

    Nice to hear. Know you keep busy with your cruises and trips….. Would love to do that but we’re still working! (78 & 79) Working for self is okay at time but nothing adds up for future! Glad we bought time-share back in ’79 so many of earlier trips had family with us too. 15 times to HI and several to Palms Sp/the Oasis. Earlier yrs to Mt Bach. in OR for skiing. Both g.daughters in college – early yr school and emerg.nurse. Both jrs.
    Need old fashioned chat………. Luv, D & B

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