10 Day Trip to see Family and Friends

We returned home yesterday after 10 days and 1400 miles of driving in the van.  It all started on Friday, Feb. 22 when we met Bill and Cyndy for lunch at the Newport Beach American Legion.  It was a beautiful day.  That night was The Navy Band (top one stationed in D.C.) Concert at Orange Coast College.  It was fantastic and the program had a lot of variety.  Dana, Jim’s former student plays bari sax and the whole sax section was featured in one number.  Afterwards we attended a party at his parents’ (Brian and Alexis) home and were able to talk with some of the other band members.ImageImage

The next day, Saturday, we drove to Pismo Beach and enjoyed visiting the local cafes near the pier.  Sunday, we met Jim’s cousin Joe, his wife Melinda and Aunt Faye (97 years old) in Fremont where Faye lives in Assisted Living.  We ate lunch at the local Elephant Bar.  Faye is doing pretty well, considering and gets around on her own 2 legs with no cane, etc.  Great to see them again and catch up on so much!  Image

We stayed the night in Sunnyvale and had a nice large room at the Quality Inn. Enjoyed the 42 inch TV for watching the Academy Awards!

Monday, we had a fun experience.  Cheryl’s college buddy, Linda (and husband Ron) youngest son (30 years old), Eric works for Google and gave us a tour and free lunch.  All the employees can eat 3 meals + in several cafeterias spread all over the”campus.”  The food was good and many choices.  I didn’t take my camera, thinking it might not be allowed.  (But Eric took this one in front their T-Rex eating flamingos, “joke”.) Also, can’t tell you any secrets (since he didn’t tell us any!).  I usually don’t “google”; I use ask.com.  However, maybe I should switch my loyalties!  Quite an awesome operation and looks like the employees are well taken care of. GoogleVisit-And-TRex We also visited Stanford in Palo Alto.  We visited Linda and Ron, last summer in IN, but before that it had been many years, so good to renew our friendship. 

Monday night we stayed in South San Francisco and then spent the morning and had lunch in Frisco.  We love to visit this city and it was another beautiful day.  Our favorite lunch place is Tommy’s Joynt on Van Ness (and Geary).Image

I think that I am giving TMI, so will shorten the rest.  We spent 2 days in Stockton with Jim’s cousin Dale and wife Diana.  Dale is recovering from some involved neck surgery and having trouble with his vocal chords.  So we talked them in to going for 2 nights to Boomtown, a Casino Resort near Reno on the stateline.  Always have fun with those 2.  Saturday noon, we met 2 other friends in Reno for lunch, Jo and Warren, 2 cruising pals.  We have seen them several times in the Reno area (they live in Carson City), but need to schedule another trip together.

Lastly, we drove home on US 395 because the view of the mountains is very enjoyable and stayed one night in Bishop. (Pictures of the snow and Sunday, the storm clouds gathering.)  All in all, we had a very full trip!  No other trips planned until the big one in April-May.ImageImage


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