Getting ready

Well, only a few days left until we head to Florida and then the Carnival Legend cruises. It looks like the Legend is still moving, although not at top speed, so don’t expect a cancellation. Starting to pack, do laundry and buy needed items. Unfortunately both of us have medical issues we are trying to resolve. Mine is minor, but annoying. I keep getting blisters/fungal breakout on my left foot, in the insole where shoes rub. It has prevented me from tennis and walking and could be a real problem with our cruise excursions.

Jim’s is more serious, but not dangerous. His bad ankle broke out after the 10 day trip. We doctored it with triple-antibiotic cream and then he had a breakout of very itchy rash all over his body. Used antihistamines, hydrocortizone cream and finally prednisone to stop the reaction. Maybe he had a allergic reaction to the triple-antibiotic cream? Anyway, it has not disappeared, so seeing the doctor tomorrow (We head to the airport on Tuesday). Hopefully get some relief. Odd thing is that our problems both started on our left feet!

We have been enjoying late winter and spring in Southern California. The jasmine vine is starting to bloom and 2 of my iris plants have had beautiful large blooms. We have had some cold spells, but only freezing a few mornings. No snow here! Even in February we had some hot days. Sorry for all of you that have winter still hanging on.

After these cruises in April-May; we have 2 others scheduled: Carnival Conquest out of New Orleans in June with the 2 granddaughters and Carnival Miracle from Vancouver, BC to Hawaii and on to CA, in September. That should be it for the year. Be glad to have friends/family join us. Our best.

This one is called Navy Band

This one is called Navy Band

First iris to bloom

First iris to bloom

P.S. on Friday, 3/29: Jim is on steroid pills again, and antihistamines for the next 5 days. The doctor thinks it may be a food or medicine allergy. But nothing has changed in those 2 areas. He had blood drawn to try to narrow down the allergen. Still itching, but hope for relief soon!!


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