Family/Friends visit in Florida

We’ve been in Florida 4 days and enjoyed visiting with my friend from high school, Ginny and husband Barry and 2 aunts, 1 uncle and one cousin. A few of our “get togethers” were cancelled because of health or other issues. I shared a birthday cake with Uncle Jim on the 4th (with Aunt Amy and cousin Jim). I’ve had a great birthday today. Started with being at Aunt Betty’s house in Orlando; she is now 80 years old, but still a lot of fun. We drove from Orlando to Tampa and on to Clearwater Beach. It was a beautiful day, 80o, a little breezy with sunshine. Lunch was at Crabby Bills, Indian Rocks, on another island south of there. Great blackened Grouper, seafood gumbo and hush puppies.

Tonight we are at our hotel room in Tampa, watching the semifinals of the NCAA March Madness and getting our bags ready for boarding the cruise ship, Carnival Legend, tomorrow a.m. The Legend is now almost up to full speed ability, so looks good for the TransAtlantic voyage. I’m posting some pictures from this visit. I plan to pay for internet on the ship, but it is harder to post at the slower speed in the middle of the ocean. We can accept emails and text messages on our cell phone while at sea. Look forward to hearing from you, and Happy Trails! Cheryl and Jim


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