More from the Legend, in the Atlantic

April 14
     We are on our 2nd sea day between Bermuda and Azores of Portugal.  There will be 2 more.  In Bermuda, we took the public ferry between the Royal Navy Dockyard and the capital of Hamilton.  We paid $15 (1 USD = 1 BD) for a day pass which includes the ferry and public buses.  In Hamilton, we walked, so didn’t use any buses.  Did a little comparison shopping and one friend was looking for “bermuda” shorts (didn’t buy any; too expensive).  We visited some of the historical sites and churches and made it all to
the way to the highest point, Fort Hamilton.  Jim wore his new brace and did pretty well, considering (for the whole day, we did around 4 miles).  The views from the Fort were fantastic, hope to be able to attach pictures.  The download on wordpress, last time was very slow and messed up some!  
      One interesting find was the Exartilleraymen’s Service Club.  Jim figured they would accept ex-military from other countries and they did.  We shared a beer with some locals and enjoyed talking with them and learning more about life in Bermuda.  We were also looking for fish and chips (same friend who wanted the shorts!).  Most restaurants wanted $25-32 for a serving.  We kept looking and found a special lunch at the Docksider Pub on Front Street for $10.  What a bargain; just what we like.
      We were planning to buy some local rum to put in our platypus bag for transport through the ships xray.  At the last store, they let us taste it; not sure about the aftertaste.  Anyway, they had a pretty good price on Dewars, so that is what we bought.  A real surprise!
      Last night was the party for all of us (25 out of 2200 passengers) Diamond cruisers.  It was very nice with deluxe horsdouvers and top shelf drinks for 1 hour.  We met many of the top officers and were able to chat and ask questions.  There will be another party for Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  The entertainment on the ship is good; the Showband does extra gigs in smaller groupings and we try to catch them whenever we can.  Also continued with the LCR games; yesterday there were 28 people!  Tomorrow is a cabin crawl where we go in groups to visit different cabin categories.
      Yesterday, we had very calm seas.  Today we have swells of 6 – 8 feet per the Captain’s talk; however the ship is handling them well and it feels smooth in our cabin, on the 5th deck, forward.  We’ve had a mixture of sun and clouds and 65-70 degrees high.  I have not felt any of the ship vibration that “annoyed” me on the last TA.  

P.S., added April 16
     The seas are a little more rocky, 8-12 foot swells, but again the ship is riding them very well.  The Past Guests party was last night. Since we had met officers at the Diamond party, we ended up with better service than most of the others.  Probably 75% of the ship are at least Gold, so the main showroom (Follies) was totally full.  Jim talked with the Showband leader, later, last night.  He had mentioned Indiana; it turns out that he went to IU and knows one of Jim’s former students, Dana, the same one who is in The Navy Band!  Wow, small world.  He is quite young for this position and looks like a younger, black Matt Damien.
      Tomorrow we will arrive in the Azores at 8 a.m.  We have booked a tour organized by one of our fellow Cruise Critics Members  We will see Sete Cidades (7 craters), Lagoa do Fogo (fire lake) and Caldeira Velha (hot spring with warm waterfall).  We will also have a “farm lunch” of home-cooked Portugese specialities.  I’ll include more of this next time.  So sad to hear about the bombs at the Boston Marathon.  We haven’t had news everyday, but this was broadcast almost immediately.  Our thoughts are with everyone affected.


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