Venice to Munich

Yesterday, we left the luxury of the cruise ship and had a tough day. The walk from the ship with all our luggage was long, maybe 1/2 mile, then people mover, then more walking. We were concerned about dragging our luggage up the big bridge from the Roma Plaza to the train station. We were very happy to find a porter to do it for us for 10 euros. From there we took 2 trains (dragging bags on and off) to Munich. We arrived about 6:30 p.m. and were very tired (both of us have congestion/cough).
We however needed to get info, so waited in lines for train information and tourist info. The tourist office man convinced us to not take a taxi to our hotel (25 euros) and told us how to use the metro and buses. He even gave us a free pass on the U-bahn. It worked just like he said and wasn’t too bad.
We had used our Choice Hotel points (8000) for a Comfort Hotel. It is really nice with large room, free wifi and good breakfast. It is not, however, near town. Today we bought a 3 day pass for bus/metro and learned how to get around. We spent time downtown, enjoying the architecture.
We have one more day here. On May 7, we have a rental car at the Munich airport for 1 week (Priceline-Avis). Not sure where we will go, flexible on that.

Munich signs

Munich signs



Munich plaza

Munich, Marienplatz

Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall


One response to “Venice to Munich

  1. Great pictures of both of you having a good time, stay healthy and take care. XOX

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