Thoughts on Travel

Since we travel 60% of the time, we’ve been analyzing how it is going.  As we get older, of course, it is not as easy as it was.  That is to be expected.  One thing that we realized this time in Europe was that we did not meet locals like we used to. Last time that we were in Germany, in the 1990s, we talked to people every day. We are not sure if this was because we were not feeling well, or because we are older and now “invisible.” Guess, we need to work on “smiling” more. Just joking! We still enjoy being in other countries and cultures, but hope that we can work out this wrinkle.
Also, once we got home we discussed what we missed from home. When you are younger, you tend to be more flexible; since we are in our 60’s, that has changed. So here is a short list of the things we missed the most:
Ice for drinks whenever we want
Canadian Whiskey
Cell phone unlimited usage
DVR and better TV coverage
Bed linens and pillows like at home
Good Internet connection
Family and Friends
This post does not reflect any indication of a change in desire to travel; just reflections on our need to adapt and accommodate.


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