On the Road with Grand daughters

We left California on June 4 and headed to Nebraska.  After a few days there, we left with our 2 grand daughters, aged 11 and 6 on a road trip to New Orleans and a one week cruise on Carnival Conquest.  Every summer, we have to remind them that the trip to our destination is part of the fun and adventure of travel.  They want to know how much longer and we say that they can ask once per day and after that, we will always answer, “one hour.”  We started that with their brother, 15 years ago, and it has worked.

We always try to see National Parks or natural or cultural sites on our trips with them.  We stopped off at the Buffalo National River Park in Arkansas and hoped to wade in the River.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have aqua socks and there was no shade, at 99o, so didn’t stay long.  Really pretty, if you are prepared.  The last 2 nights we have stayed in Little Rock and scored a very nice 2 room suite with 2 baths and 2 TVs at a Quality Inn (only $80), with internet and swimming pool.  It’s been really hot here also, so have not been out for picnics, outdoor scenery, etc.  Today, we all enjoyed the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Library.  We had never been to it or any Presidential Library before.  It was very impressive.  Jim and I could have spent more time there, but they girls enjoyed the 1.5 hours we spent. 

Tomorrow we are going to Vicksburg and the Military NP there and staying in Jackson.  Then on the New Orleans on Saturday.  They are doing very well with us and we love spending time with them.  Love you, Jerica and Lauren.  (Thanks to Mom, Jina and Dad, Steve and brother, Steven for letting us have this trip)ImageImageImageImageImagel


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