After the Cruise

We are now in Galveston, TX.  Had a great week on board the Carnival Conquest.  (The night before, we spent 2 hours on Bourbon Street; what an experience!)  The girls did Camp Carnival and swam in the pools.  We got off the ship in all three ports, but didn’t do much until Cozumel, MX where we had their hair braided.  They made new friends with whom they hope to keep in contact.

On Sunday, the 23rd we went to Niece Dawn’s house.  Her two sisters were also there with husbands and families.  Jerica and Lauren met 8 3rd cousins and 6 2nds cousins as well as one great aunt.  Really, Jerica head met Jim’s sister JoAnn and her grand daughter before.  They swam in the pool there and played games.  The kids ranged in age from 4 to 18.  A lot of fun, thanks to Dawn and Daryl, the hosts.

Now, we are staying in hotels in Galveston.  More pool time and this morning they were able to play on the beach.  It is not the same as So Calif.  The sand is dark and the water is brown with sand and seaweed (a lot on the beach also), but they had fun.

Tomorrow we are headed to JoAnn’s home in Spring (near Houston), TX.  We will stay a few days.  It is hot and humid and the girls are a little sunburned, so need to plan some in door activities.



3 responses to “After the Cruise

  1. Please frame this pix; it’s a great one oeveryone!!

  2. You all look great!! Frame this one as a reminder of good times!!

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