Not sure why 6/25 didn’t post

I thought that I had posted the one from Galveston on 6/25, but see that it wasn’t there, until tonight.  Just posted it.

  We’ve been on the road and perhaps the internet was not always a good connection.  We spent a few days with Jim’s sister and hubby in Spring, TX during the record heat time (110o with heat index).  More pool time with the grand daughters and I took them to see “Monsters University.”

On Sunday, June 30 we left and went north to the Dallas area and had lunch with Jim’s nephew, Andrew and wife Dorothy and then dinner with a former student and her Mom, Debbie and Shirley.  We were very close with this family because Debbie and her 2 sisters were on the Flag team at Edison and Shirley was the flag Mom for several years and worked at the high school.

ImageImageOn the way back to NE, we stopped off in Romulus, OK to see the small cemetery and grave stones of Jim’s grandparents and 2 uncles.  Jerica and Lauren really were impressed by this. ImageImageWe spent a lot more time at pools and Lauren is greatly improved in swimming, jumping off the side and keeping her eyes open under water.  Jerica loves the water also, with somersaults and handstands.

Our last day on the road, we spent some quality time at the Topeka, KS Gage Park city pool.  We have been there a few times before with Bubby and Jerica.  It’s a really well managed pool, and not too expensive.  July 4 we met up with Jina and Steve in Auburn, NE for picnic lunch amid 1000 American flags and a concert in Brownville by the Community Band that Jina performs with.Image

After 2 nights in Adams, we are now on the road towards CA.  First night in Ogallala, NE; a very historical town; “Cowboy Capital.”  We had some fun seeing the lake north of town, Lake McConaughy with beaches.  Not sure of our route home, but will be there soon!


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