Jim’s injury

We’ve been keeping busy with catching up on medical appointments. Jim has had pain in his right foot (the “good” one) for a few months. The family doctor had x-rays done and said it is just age and degeneration; no break or bone spur, etc. Jim requested a referral to podiatrist and was diagnosed with a sprain. Do not know when he sprained it; could be on tennis court or just going down steps. Since it has not healed on it’s own, he put him in a soft cast with heavy “boot” for walking. He cannot drive or get it wet for at least 2 weeks; it will be reevaluated on the 29th. Rather limiting; but good to know that it will get better and not be painful forever! As he says, I need one good foot! All is well with me, Cheryl. I have been playing quite a bit of tennis with lady friends, he is very jealous.

Jim's big boot

Jim’s big boot


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