Friends with Beautiful homes!

Our good friend Joe J. picked us at the Vancouver Harbor on Saturday, May 10 and we went to his home on Howe Sound, Lion’s Bay for a few days.  He has a lovely home (has owned with many years with his late partner Edith) which he has remodeled.  The view of the sound and distant mountains is breathtaking.  He also has many types of plants, some of which were starting to bloom and a very nice hot tub with a view. 



After 3 days of good fellowship, food and views, Joe drove us across the US/Canada border and over the mountains (it was a 9 hour day, but supposed to be half that!) to Leavenworth, WA.  We went Highway 20, through the North Cascades NP, which is closed in winter and there was still plenty of snow. 


There the 3 of us visited with 2 other good friends, Joe and Sheri R.  They have a very large home (again with a great view) which they have used as a B and B.  Three more days were spent relaxing, swimming, hiking and playing a fun dominoes game called Mexican Train.  Of course there was plenty of food and drink. 


Joe J. and Joe and Sheri R.  are what we call “snow birds.”  So we have gotten to know them when they come to stay in So CA in the winter.  All three are quintessential “hosts” with the most.  After our return home, we have told everyone that the second week visiting with them  was even better than the cruise!  It is wonderful to have good friends to share quality time with. 

We have been home since May 17; we missed the heat spell here (107 degrees one day!!).  Our granddaughters are coming next week, so we are really looking forward to that.  Happy Memorial Day to everyone.


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