Activities at Home

We have been learning a new sport, Pickleball. It is quite fun with wooden paddles, a plastic ball with holes (like whiffle ball), net like tennis, but a much smaller court. Our neighborhood is building 3 new courts due to the popularity. You can see info at this web site:

Also we spearheaded a fight to save a landmark tree in our neighborhood, a large blue gum (or Eucalyptus) tree. Others were afraid that branches would fall and injure people or that debris would harm our new pool. With the help of an Aussie friend (who knows those gum trees) and the report from an Arborist, it will just be trimmed and maintained. I’m posting a photo.

The Eucalyptus that we save.

The Eucalyptus that we save.

And again, we are having to set mouse traps. We have been finding acorns everywhere for the last 4 months and finally with the help of our exterminator, found evidence of their entry and droppings. Ugh. I want them out, but I don’t want to find them in the traps, either. Fun never ends.


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