We are so glad to have rain, here in So CA.  As I said on my last post, we received 3 inches Dec. 29-30 and this weekend it is raining again (but no snow).  So far, after about 26 hours, we have about 1/2 inch.  It is slow and steady, which is good for ground absorption.

You’ve probably heard in the news about all the whales off our coasts.  We hope to find a good day to go at least watch from the shore.  Speaking of creatures, we are still fighting against mice coming into the house.  We actually saw one checking us out one night, near the TV.  We caught it (or it’s friend) 2 days later.

And our neighbors, Jon and Maddy have a new little kitten.  He’s a Siamese mix, from a shelter.  We helped name him one night, he has faint stripes like a Bengal tiger, so his formal name is Bengal, but shortened to Bengi.  Really cute.

The night we first met Bengi

The night we first met Bengi

New neighbor, Bengi

New neighbor, Bengi

So sad about all the terror in Paris and surroundings.  We all had hopes for a more peaceful year in 2015.  “Imagine….”  Still hoping for peace and tolerance for all.  Salud!


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