Last week in So CA

Haven’t posted since we have been at home for the last 4 + weeks.  We have been getting together with friends, playing Pickleball and trying to stay cool in all the extreme heat.  This last week our whole So CA area was above 90 degrees and had records broken.  Also very little rain, so the drought continues.

Last weekend was a fun Pickleball tournament.  There were 4 teams of 12 each and the teams members added their points together for a team win.  Cheryl’s team came out on top!!  Really a good time.

It has been almost four weeks since Jim had his Stem Cell Procedure.  It was not covered by insurance and quite expensive, but very promising for relief of his ankle problem.  We have to wait and see.  Check out the website for the Center where he had it done.  Very exciting stuff.

We are leaving home on March 24 and spending a week in Florida with Cheryl’s family.  We’ve made plans to see 4 aunts and uncles and at least 5 cousins and spouses.  Also will meet a 2nd cousin (22 mos old) for the first time.  Have seen numerous photos and videos on Facebook!  Should be a good time.  Then we leave from Fort Lauderdale on the Serbourn Quest on March 31.  We’ll have internet going across the Atlantic, but not sure of the strength, so hope to post.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, today and Happy First day of Spring for later this week.

Good wishes for St. Patrick's Day

Good wishes for St. Patrick’s Day


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