Home in So CA, July, 2015

We’ve been home a couple of weeks, enjoying being with friends and playing Pickleball.  The weather has been unusual:  humidity and even 2 inches of rain over last weekend!  We opened all the windows, ate popcorn and listened to the rain pouring down.  Luckily for our area, there was very little lightening and minimal flooding.  Other areas, nearby were not so lucky.  Our drought is not over, but there are hopes for more rain due to an el nino condition, now through the winter.

This rain hit us about 5 minutes later!

This rain hit us about 5 minutes later!

We took 3 weeks going back east with the granddaughters.  After we got to NE, and leaving them with mom, dad and pets, we took off for a week to head to Newburgh, IN to see Cheryl’s brother Ben, niece, Marie and their extended family.  Ben’s ex-wife, Angie is still a big part of his and our lives.  We even stayed in her home.  She is wonderful! Then back to Adams, NE for fireworks and Fourth of July. We are staying put for almost 2 months; at least nothing planned until September 6, when we head to Alaska.  Not sure if Jim can handle this, so he’ll probably think of some place to go!!  Our best, always.


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