Hot and Dry

Since my last post, we have had no measurable rain and some days have been hotter than normal.  Currently we are in a heat wave, for about 5 days.  Luckily, we got our AC/Heat system replaced yesterday.  The older one was working, but noisy and not efficient.  In addition, it couldn’t make the inside temperature any colder than 15 degrees from outside; not good when it is 100 degrees.  This new one seems to be working really well!!  They also found more damage of duct work underneath by rodents and replaced or repaired that.

Currently, in addition to the rodents, ants and other varmints, we have been seeing tarantulas.  One was just inside our back door!!! Ugh!  How he got there is a mystery.  One of the AC installers encountered one underneath and really freaked.  Luckily, they only saw one.  Hopefully no more critters coming in through the ducts and vents!!

Guess we shouldn’t complain too much about the weather.  Jim’s sister in Houston is having hot and humid.  One day the actual temperature, without heat index added was 112.  We would like some rain, but don’t envy those with flooding and bad storms.  The drought is a big concern, but now they are forecasting a strong “El Nino” which should bring us some rain.  And, we always have the ocean to go visit!!

With some friends on the pier in Huntington Beach

With some friends on the pier in Huntington Beach


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  1. Be careful you don’t get a sunburn

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