Long weekend in Nebraska

We decided to spend Halloween weekend with Jina and family in Nebraska.  We left on Thursday, October 29.  That was a very long and stressful day; it started with a major traffic jam in Corona; luckily we had allowed 4 hours for our flight and were able to make it.  Then received word that there were fraudulent charges to our major credit card and had to call and deal with that.  Our flight in Denver was delayed 1.5 hours, so we landed in Omaha at peak traffic.  We were rushing to get to our middle grandchild’s choir concert; 7 p.m. in Adams, usually a 1.5 hour drive, but made lengthier by heavy traffic and wrecks.

We got to the auditorium at 7:02, only missing part of a solo by a senior girl.  Jerica’s group was next, so we saw it all; including her solo!!  She was great.  We videoed it, but not zoomed in; however, her voice is clearly heard.  That made the tough travel worth it!

Also, fun was experiencing Halloween trick ‘o treating in their small town.  It was like it used to be when we were kids.  All the kids dressed up and going house to house with parents visiting in the street, keeping watchful eyes.  You could hear echoes of “trick ‘o treat” from all directions and much laughter.  We also heard hundreds of “thank yous.”  Really enjoyed that evening.

On Friday, we took all 3 grand kids out to lunch and shopping for dinner.  Hadn’t been with all of them together in awhile.  It was a good weekend and the weather was beautiful; 70’s and sunshine.  So glad we went!


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