February, 2016

Again, I let another month go by without posting.  This has been a really dry El Nino since January 6.  Maybe some rain tonight!

We did a short cruise Feb. 1-5, on the Crown Princess, again.  Actually it was only 3 days since due to bad weather, we couldn’t board the ship until 11:00 p.m. on the 1st; 12 hours later than usual.  They did refund us the cost of that one day.  We mostly just enjoyed the ship.  We met a few Cruise Critic people and a nice couple of central CA, Aeren and Jon.  They joined us for the Crab Shack dinner and for lunch in Ensenada, along with a bartender we knew from 2014 on the Crown, Liawaway.  We did not get off in Santa Barbara, the other port of call.

I finally made Paella!  We brought the saffron from Spain, last spring and I found a paella pan at Bed Bath and Beyond a few months ago.  So, researched recipes and ended up combining parts of 6 of the.  It was quite a production, with Jim’s assistance and an audience of friends.  It turned out great, and looked beautiful, also.

Tomorrow we are flying to Maui, Hawaii for 2.5 weeks.  The first few days will be with good friends, Dan and Kelley at their house in Kihei.  Then 2 weeks with Jim’s cousin Dale and wife Diana, first in condo in Kihei and then at our timeshare in Kaanapoli.  Looking forward to the fun and friendship and seeing the whales!

Despite the hot weather we have had lately (exact opposite of the east coast, my irises are later this year.  One finally popped out today!  Yay!


First iris, 2016


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