Maui, Hawaii

The whale sightings off Maui were fantastic during our 17 days there.  The first 3 days, we stayed with our good friends Dan and Kelley in their luxurious home in Kihei.  Then Dale and Diana (Dale is Jim’s cousin) joined us for 2 weeks.  The first week was in the Kihei condo where we stayed in November, 2014.  Enjoyed it again.  The second week was at our Ka’anapali timeshare condo.

We saw whales jumping and playing; mamas and babies, from the shore, Dan and Kelley’s boat and our balcony at the timeshare.  This was the peak season and they were everywhere!  We saw breaches, tail slaps, pec slaps, peduncle slaps, head lunges and spy hops; all fun to see.  Of course there were blows (or spouting) constantly.


Baby Whale breaching


Mama and baby

Dan, Kelley and Dale are all playing Ukulele and Dan/Kelley had extra instruments, including a guitar for Jim.  Dale brought his with him.  So, we had 5 jam sessions with them during the 2 weeks.  Dan bought Diana some Maracas to play along and she took photos and video of our sessions.  Then, there were lessons at the timeshare and Dale and I went with her to get her started.  She learned a few chords and played along with us at the last get together; really fun!!


Of course, always, beautiful scenery on Maui!  We had a lot of wind and some days of Vog (volcanic ash from big island mixed with fog; worst kind of smog!), but not a drop of rain.  That’s very unusual for 17 days on Maui.


3 responses to “Maui, Hawaii

  1. Looks like a wonderful time on the island in spite of the Vog can’t help that, take care and keep traveling while you can and always stay healthy, and remember to party hardy for me XOXOXOX

  2. Looks like a lot of fun

  3. Aloha! What a fabulous Maui blog!! We had a wonderful time with you and can’t wait to see you again for another jam session 🙂

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