Our Itinerary

We leave soon on our trip across the Atlantic and staying in Denmark and Holland. thought I would post our full Itinerary here, for those who are interested.

Cheryl and Jim Keys Itinerary
TA and Europe, April and May, 2016

April 16 – SW Air flight LAX to Ft Lauderdale, FL
#3485, 9:00 am to Kansas City
#3564, KC to FtL. Arrive 6:50 pm
Stay at Quality Inn and Suites, Hollywood, FL

April 17 – Regal Princess Cruise Ship leaves Ft.L. For TransAtlantic cruise
At Sea through April 23 (can text phone and have email)
April 24 – Ponta Delgada, Portugal, 7 am to 2 pm
At Sea April 25 and 26
April 27 – Cherbourg, France, 8 am to 6 pm
April 28 – Zeebrugge, Belgium, 7 am to 6 pm
April 29 – Rotterdam, Holland, 7 am to 6 pm (Keukenhof Tulip Festival)
At Sea April 30
May 1 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Staying in Copenhagen May 1 to May 8 at Penthouse apartment –
Tom Kristensens Vej 28. Owner is Betina Brondum,
Tel No.: +45 31 33 15 01

May 8 – Flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam on KLM
# KL1126 at 10:00 a.m., arrive 11:25 am
Train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, 30 or 40 minutes

Staying in Rotterdam May 8 to May 15 on a house boat- The Sharq Traveller,
Louis Pregerkade 12, Owner is Robert-Jan Zimmermman,
Tel No.: +31 6 21 82 76 76

Renting a car on May 14 with Sixt Rental Cars to drive the next day,
May 15 to Maastricht, Holland. Staying until May 22 at a house in suburbs-
Limburg Province, DeCour Maastrict, Village of Gronsveld
Owners Wiet and Carola, Tel No.: 31 434083668

May 22 – 24 – Staying in Frankfurt, DE at Comfort Hotl Frankfurt City Center

May 24 – Flight home on Lufthanza from Frankfurt (2:10 pm) to Toronto # LH470
Connect to Air Canada #787 To LAX, arrive 11:09 pm


3 responses to “Our Itinerary

  1. Thanks for all the input Cheryl I like to keep track of all my super duper friends. I will keep praying that the weather and all the health will be as good as it can be. Be safe, and stay healthy and most of all have loads of fun. XOXOX

  2. Quite a trip. I know you are going to have fun and we are looking forward to all your pictures and posts. My wish for you is to be safe.

    Love, Shirley and Neil


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