Leaving Europe

Our last night in Maastricht, we had a wonderful cocktail party in the courtyard with hosts, Wiet and Carola.  They were the ultimate landlords.

Sunday we took a taxi to Aachen,Germany and then ICE train to Frankfurt HBF.

Main Train Station, Frankfurt

Main Train Station, Frankfurt

We staying near there at a Choice  Hotel, pretty basic. We fly home tomorrow, 18 hours of travel, but Business Class, so should be more comfortable.


2 responses to “Leaving Europe

  1. Igl11298@aol.com

    Cheryl and Jim, we enjoy hearing about your travels! Looks like you are enjoying life!! We have a question: It would appear that you have internet/wii often as you travel places. Wonder what you use for cell service and internet/wii??

    We will be out of the country for 6 weeks and some places list wii …some not. Will be in Australia / New Zealand and some in the South pacific islands of Tahiti Fiji, Bora bora. We would appreciate any tips/services you may offer. Thank you, Irene Guillory Levy _igl1298@aol.com_ (mailto:igl1298@aol.com)

    • Hello, Thankyou for your comment. We usually find wifi in hotels and apartments we rent. Some towns, especially in Europe have citywide wifi. Also most cafes and restaurants offer wifi. Sounds like you have a big trip planned and some fantastic destinations.

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