Heat Wave in So CA

We’ve been home a little over a week.  The travel time to go from Frankfurt to LAX was 26 hours and we slept very little.  We were in business class and had good service and access to the Business Class lounges.  That was especially helpful in Toronto, Canada where we had a 4 hour layover.  US Customs was also done there.

Needless to say, we had some jet-lag and took awhile to get our land legs.  Also, had to deal with some problems with mail order medication not being processed on time.  I was on the phone a lot and ready to scream!!  I finally got to see the ortho specialist today regarding my shoulder.  The news was pretty good and I got a steroid shot which should give some temporary relief, at least.  Now we are dealing with extreme, record breaking heat.  105+ today and maybe same or worse tomorrow.  Don’t care that it’s a dry heat and it’s  too early in the summer, to our minds.  We all wish we could have some of the water coming down in Texas!! Despite what one politician said, we do have a drought.  Anyway, our best to all.


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