Preparing for next trip!

I mentioned the heat wave, in the last blog.  Well, that was minor compared to what hit us last Monday.  Some people registered 120 degrees!!! It was at least 115.  On Monday afternoon and overnight to Tuesday, we went to the coast.  Spent the night in Encinitas (north San Diego County) very close to the beach.  It stayed comfortable there, but got up to 84 which is high for them.

Tuesday afternoon, we had a very important appointment with Jim’s urologist.  Just to make it short, the results of the recent biopsy were not as good as we wanted.  He has cancer, but it seems to be localized, early stage and treatable.  He has had more tests for “staging” and if all goes well, will be treated at Loma Linda University Medical Center with Proton Therapy.  This has had the best results with fewest side effects and damage.  Positive thoughts are appreciated.

Anyway, on a positive note, we are still planning on our annual road trip with the granddaughters.  We leave here as soon as we can, this week and drive to Nebraska to visit with daughter and family there.  A few days later, Jerica (14) and Lauren (9) will go with us on a trip to Texas and Louisiana to see more family.  They have 2nd and 3rd cousins there (Jim’s nieces and and children), also Jim’s sister in Houston.  July 18 – 23. the 4 of us, plus Sister JoAnn and husband, John will cruise on the Carnival Triumph out of New Orleans, LA.  Ports of call are Cozumel and Progresso (near Merida), Mexico.  The girls are really excited about all of this.

After the cruise we are headed back, with them to our home in CA.  They will stay a few days and hopefully get an outing to the beach, before flying home to NE.  So a busy 4 – 5 weeks ahead.  We plan to live every day to the fullest, and “accentuate the positive.”


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