August in So CA

Well, we’ve been up to the usual this month:  Pickleball, Ukulele jams, visiting with friends and medical appointments.  Been a pretty busy month.  Regarding medical, Jim is approved for the 20 treatment proton beam radiation program at Loma Linda.  But, we are waiting to see if insurance will approve, or if we will appeal a denial or pay outright ourselves.  Also having to do testing for his regular heart rate with skips, not arrhythmia.  So, on hold.

We’ve been having fun with Pickleball, but I, Cheryl had a couple of injuries.  The last one was on Saturday, I literally tripped over my own two feet and fell down.  Didn’t realize that I had twisted my left foot, so kept on walking on it.  Anyway….. later that day, I couldn’t put any weight on it.  X-rays at Urgent Care showed that it was a sprain and not a break.  Still have to keep it wrapped, elevated, iced, etc. and off of it for 2 weeks.  It’s been a real hassle, since I am always on my feet.  Jim is learning to take over and I am becoming the supervisor.  The pain is mostly gone, but I was warned to not do too much too soon, or will re-injure it.  There have been quite a few injuries with Pickleball.  Hard to believe with such a simple game.  Lots of us are older, however!  Funny thing was, the game I was playing in had been going very well and I felt like I was playing about as good as I could.  No more for awhile!

Not our usual lovely photos!!

Needless to say, we don’t have any trips planned, at this point.  The granddaughters expressed the desire to get together in Missouri for Christmas, so hope we can.  As soon as all the medical stuff is straightened out, we will be booking a cruise!!  XOXOXO


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