Jim’s Treatment

We are forging ahead with treatment for Jim’s prostate cancer.  We met with the staff this last Monday at Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Therapy center.  He was fitted with his “pod.”  This coming Monday, he will have a mock treatment, then start the proton beams on Tuesday.  He will be treated Monday through Friday for 20 treatments.  Since the traffic is terrible between our home and Loma Linda, we decided to rent an apartment just 4 blocks away.  It is a fully furnished 1 bedroom with all utilities, TV and internet included.  We are renting from a very nice couple, about our ages.  We move in tomorrow.  We feel very positive about the outcome and plan to make the most of our little “vacation.”


Living room and kitchen


4 responses to “Jim’s Treatment

  1. Cheryl and Jim I certainly love your progressive attitude and we certainly wish clear sailing ahead miss you guys perhaps we will meet again like the first time cheerts Dub

  2. I did the old 45 days treatment and survived. It just takes getting used to. I had good results. Good luck!

  3. Thanks and glad you are doing well.

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